short discussion

  1. Within a Month, 1 VIEW = 1 GAMMA = 0.0016 $ (0.5 LKR)

    For Advertiser :- Must purchase from the Gamma Market page. Alternatively, Gamma can also be earned by promoting ads on the project page.

  2. For Publisher :- Gamma can be earned by booking Gamma from the project on the project page and then promoting ads. They can be sold to convert to regular currency.

Rules for publishers

  1. When the project is done :-For every 10,000 more allocated gammas, 1,000 gammas will stand out..

    If this happens 5 times in a row, your channel will be rejected. Then you won't be able to project again


  1. The purpose of this is to reduce the inflow of dollars to agencies like google adsense and facebook ads in Sri Lanka.

  2. Providing the opportunity for people who have a fan network in social networks to further develop those networks and thus provide opportunities to develop them by building businesses.

Information about functions

  1. An organization engaged in the process of providing advertisements to famous account holders such as youtube, tiktok, facebook, instagram,website and telegram page in a systematic and very safe manner. We advertise on social media accounts in Sri Lanka at very low and affordable rates.

  2. You have the opportunity to join our company and earn money by taking ads from us and get the ads through our company.

  3. We consider 1 pudgana narabima as 1 gamma cash

  4. We have given you the freedom to sell the gamma cash you earn for any amount you like

  5. We have created a market to sell gamma cash. This has made it possible for anyone anywhere in the world to sell gamma cash.

  6. Therefore, the value of this money will increase a lot in the future. Currently, 1 Gamma Cash is 0.0016 $ (0.5 LKR).

  7. Because this is equal to the value of every person in the world watching an ad. There is no doubt that this will provide many benefits to people in poor countries

Thank You